Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Changing Location of Blog

Due to the tedious and unsolvable problems I've been having here I've moved over to Wordpress.
I exported all the posts and comments and hopefully EVERYONE'S comments will now be visible.
Let me know if everything works and you are pleased with Wordpress as opposed to Blogger.
See you there...or should I say....


Action Shot X 3

I took these 2 pictures the other day and although the second one was sort of an accident I'll take credit for it since I DID want a bird-in-flight picture.
As it turned out i got WAY more than I had hoped for.
If you look closely you'll see the bird itself...just after it took off....below him is his shadow on the rock and below that is the reflection of the bird in the stream.
LUCKY?????...Ya think??
Couldn't have planned that one in a hundred years.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Architectural variety isn't something that usually happens in small towns.
This Catholic church however, is quite impressive considering the town population is only about 800 or so.
Behind it, just barely visible in this picture, is/was a nunnery that was 2 stories high and had probably 6-8 rooms per floor.
In it's day it housed a large number of nuns and apprentice nuns...I believe they are called postulants but I'm not Catholic so I might be wrong.
In any case I remember seeing them walking through town when I first moved here and noticed they usually traveled in pairs.
Since then it was sold and converted into a B&B ( unsuccessfully ) and now is a private home.
Religious or not it's quite a sight and rumor has it that in small Catholic towns the church MUST be the tallest building in the town........EASY in this town!

Unique Camera Angle

Well.....maybe 'unique' is a bit of a stretch but it's unusual.
Taken from the front claw of a friend's Timberjack this fairly large piece of logging equipment is resting until the snow arrives.
I didn't have my tripod so I'm not in the picture but each wheel is about 6 feet high......big enough for the bush anyway.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Today's theme....holidays.

O.K....I know what you're thinking....HOW IN THE HECK is that U G L Y thing related to ANY holiday???
Here goes.....AND I can thank Ron for the rubberized theme stretching.....he's a PRO....I'm still a rookie but ...trying. Canada anyway, is happening next weekend and this is a ......wait for it....................
............................ TURKEY Vulture.
He was on the road snacking on a road-kill rabbit when I was out with Jack for a walk...with a LOT of his gobbler friends.
Mostly they are very shy but once in a while...usually in the fall on a low pressure day, they come out in big groups with the Crows and act like they own the roadsides.
I got lots of pictures but this one was close....maybe 30 feet away , and not shy except when I got a little too close and it, as you can see. flapped at me.
With a face only a mother could love it nonetheless made a nice picture I think.

Thursday, September 29, 2011


I took this just a few minutes before supper last night.
I was busy in the kitchen and one of the guests pointed it out to me and as luck would have it...I had my camera with me....just the S3IS but better than nothing so i grabbed a shot..just before it disappeared forever.
This shot was actually taken right out the kitchen door....I'm lucky we face the river and the sun was in the right place.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

9 petals on this Black eyed Susan

Slowly eking out the last of it's life this Black eyed Susan is showing it's age.
Taken a few days ago the fringes of this lovely flower have already started to show it dying back.
Everywhere on the sides of the roads this hardy and tough little beauty will definitely be back to thrill me next year.
For now, it's bright colours and vibrant green leaves belie it's soon to end existence.
Ah well....such is the cycle of life.