Monday, July 4, 2011

Brand new miles on it at all!

Well I finally gave in and started a blog.
Why not?....I bought a new DSLR and am starting to learn Elements 8 so I'm on my way.
I figured a good way to start it rolling would be to post a picture of my wife.
She's my inspiration and she sure deserves it.

I'd like to leave a message to my cousins down east. My brother Tom will be visiting them soon and I promised I'd leave them a message.
I thought you might enjoy the top picture....hard at it.....AS USUAL!
And a picture of my 2 boys...up on my barn roof doing some repairs ( beer needed for lubrication).
B.J. on the left and Geordie on the right.
Browse through the rest of the blog and you'll at least get a rough idea of where we live.
Love to you all and please take care of my baby brother .


  1. Welcome to the challenge, Wayne! You can post as little or as much as you want. No one is keeping count. And it helps to let us know which theme you are covering - if you are following the themes. Your portrait of your wide is great - so colorful and sharp. I'm looking forward to more...

  2. Ooops - my bad. That should have read "your wife".

  3. Welcome to the challenge, Wayne! The only requirement of this challenge is to have fun with it. Nice start with the informal portrait of your wife.

  4. Thank you both.
    Living in the country gives us a pretty close tie to the land and the immediate environment so most of my pictures will come from my immediate surroundings.

  5. Welcome to the challenge...looking forward to your posts!

  6. Welcome! This is a great portrait of your wife among the wildflowers. It's so hard to avoid glare on eyeglasses and you didn't have a bit!

  7. So glad you joined in on blogging and photo challenge! Thanks for stopping by my site! Looking forward to seeing your part of the world through your lens! Let' have some fun!